Energy Café

Energy Café is one of the oldest and most informal events of Team Energy. The goal of the Energy Café is to bring students and companies together in the informal setting of a cafe to create the possibility of exchanging ideas in an accessible way. This puts the Energy Café under the ‘ Think ‘ pillar of Team Energy.

This is done by inviting a company to a café, where a company/entrepreneur gives a short presentation and presents a business case. After the presentation students work on the case in groups, afterwards each group pitches their solution to the case to all the other groups and the invited company/entrepreneur. At the end of the evening a winner is chosen and the members of this group receive a small price.

Team Energy has a big network consisting of big multinationals to start-ups with whom Energy Cafés have been organised in the past.

Interested in attending an Energy Café? Follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye out on this website. Once every two months a café there will be organized.