Fusion : Dream of Reality?

Fusion is thirty years away, and it always will be! This is often the common joke when people discuss the possibilities of making clean, limitless energy from the nuclear fusion, but what is the truth? In the team energy café: nuclear fusion, dream or reality, the Energy research institute DIFFER took the participants on a journey to learn how to separate the myths from reality on this hot topic.

Several questions where discussed in a common debate, for example:

“Controlling fusion energy on earth is never possible: investing in that kind of research is just wasting precious money for real energy innovation.”


“The future energy infrastructure will always rely on centralized energy production by large scale power plants. Fusion energy is the only sustainable candidate of choice.”

In a full café both teams debate the advantages and disadvantages for the different arguments. With the outcome that fusion energy is possible, but there needs a lot to be done within thirty years. However: fusion energy is certainly not a dream.